"There is a problem making the remote connection because of an invalid username or password."

Here are the steps that should resolve the matter:

1. Delete the printer icon from your desktop
2. Go into your Hard Drive -> System Folder -> Preferences folder and delete "DAVE DT Print Preferences"
3. Reboot the computer
4. On startup, go under the Apple menu and select "DAVE".
5. Once this window opens, click on "Access" in the menu bar at the top, and choose "logon" (this is the most important part, you must login this way instead of via the chooser to fix the problem).
6. Here you will login to the domain using your domain username and password
7. Once you have logged on in this manner, go into the chooser and recreate the printer as before (you should not get prompted to login again when you select the server via the chooser).