Mac network storage & home folders

Thursby DAVE Microsoft SMB CIFS and DFS (Distributed File System)

Most home or small business users find that Apple’s built in network file sharing services work just fine. Some will have noticed, however, that access to network storage and network home folders can be fickle. Others are working with very large files and/or large numbers of users, especially in media and entertainment (M&E), finding that the built in tools simply can’t handle the load.  Delays and inconsistencies become a major expense to a company through increased calls to the help desk, loss of productivity, and complications with sharing information.  Thursby understands that this is a cost that companies cannot afford. That is why we have worked to develop our own Microsoft SMB/CIFS and DFS (Distributed File System) that replaces Apple’s to provide consistent and reliable network file and printer sharing services to Windows Server, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAMBA.

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Experience in Mac network storage integration

Thursby introduced DAVE, the world's first Mac-Windows network storage integration product in 1996, co-writing the Apple SMB/CIFS standards with Microsoft in 2002, adding full DFS support that same year.  MacWorld Magazine reviewed DAVE at the time as a "must have" consumer product. Today, in its eleventh generation, DAVE has a mainly professional and enterprise user base since simple home or small business use cases are covered by native OS X.  A core appeal of Thursby’s products to organizations is the ability to deliver simple and direct client-side connectivity with existing server or cloud infrastructure and processes, eliminating the costs and complexities of any new server or cloud solution.

  • "For situations where performance is paramount, DAVE and ADmitMac are the preferred choices."
  • ”DAVE is a flawless program. Once it's installed, it just works and solves problems for us with Final Cut Pro that we had had with AFP”
    Bob Zelin, President, Rescue 1, Professional television and audio industry solutions

Better architecture builds in lower TCO

  • Simple - client-based for simple testing, deployment and maintenance, avoiding the costs, integration issues, security, uptime, resilience and scalability challenges of proprietary new server, cloud or NOC back-ends
  • Transparent - leverages standard Microsoft, Apple or Android tools, infrastructure, processes and training for reduced costs, risk and time-lines, with no “lock-in” to proprietary new back-ends
  • Complete - everything included, end-to-end, so no hidden costs and fees, missing features, or required on-site “services” and backed by U.S. engineering and support specialists

Site licenses and volume discounts are offered

Thursby is an American company celebrating nearly three decades of enterprise iPad, iPhone and Mac integration, management and security specialization. Historically, integration was with Microsoft-focused server infrastructure, and more recently cloud and Android. Thursby is headquartered in Arlington, TX, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, with over 80,000 clients in over 140 countries and well over a million software licenses sold.  Clients include organizations with hundreds to thousands of devices under management, ranging from government, to healthcare, finance and enterprise, to education and research, including the FORTUNE 500™, Global 2000 and OEMs.  Partners include Apple, Microsoft, Juniper, Samsung and others.