PKard Readers Now Available in NEXCOM

Secure mobility


Since the first day that we started selling the PKard Reader, I've wanted to get our hardware into the Army Exchange stores. That is actually a much harder task than you might imagine, especially when we were first starting out. Migration to the accounts was just starting and pretty much anyone could read email on their phone with just a username and password.

"Who would ever pay to use a clunky CAC reader off the end of their phone?" That's what all the PX stores said the first time I approached them about carrying our hardware. Well, here we are four years later, and access to email or websites with a password is no longer allowed, your phone is practically an extension of your arm, and Thursby Software Systems has sold well over 100,000 licenses of our secure browser apps

With all that change plus a wider range of hardware offerings, we decided it was time to try the Exchange again. This time the sales team has taken a broader approach, reaching out to all branches. So far we've had good luck and I'm excited to announce that our PKard Readers with Lightning Connector are available for sale in select NEXCOM locations.


You can now get the reader in this picture at your local NEXCOM


Just like when you buy it off the online store, the PKard Reader with Lightning Connector being sold in NEXCOM comes bundled with the Sub Rosa application and support. Sub Rosa allows you to sign, encrypt, and decrypt emails in the Enhanced OWA Viewer; you can also browse to secure websites such as NSIPS, NROWS, and DTS. (Those OTHER military group websites are supported too, but this is the Navy's time to shine!) You also get the same great support either over the phone or by email

We're not in every NEXCOM location (yet!) so here is the list of where you can find us:

  • GUAM
  • YOKO


Avoid your package getting lost in the black hole that is APO/FPO


Don't see your location on this list? Go in and ask them! Jealous that NEXCOM is the only PX with PKard Readers? Go tell your store! You are the best advocates for change. So, if you want to be able to walk in somewhere and buy a PKard Reader, go let them know. We'll keep doing the work on our end too.

In the meantime, if you ever find yourself in Arlington, Texas feel free to stop by the office and buy a reader directly from our offices. We don't get out much, so visitors are always a welcome site. 


Until Later!

Jean Panek

Manager of Sales and Marketing