DAVE 10.0.1 disables AD login

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DAVE 10.0.1 disables AD login

Post by TGB » Thu Jan 31, 2013 1:49 am

We use just the regular OS X Active Directory plug-in to bind to our domain. After DAVE 10.0.1 is installed, suddenly users couldn't log in. This occurred on 100% of the computers we tested on.

We determined that it was the DAVE installer changing the User Authentication Search path from "Custom path" to "Local directory" (in Directory Utility).

So that people aren't struggling with this, the solution is to run the following afterwards:

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dscl /Search -change / SearchPolicy dsAttrTypeStandard:LSPSearchPath dsAttrTypeStandard:CSPSearchPath
This changes the Search Path (SearchPolicy) from Local (LSPSearchPath) to Custom (CSPSearchPath). It does not change the Custom path itself; you should find that your custom Search Path survived the DAVE installation intact - it's just the setting to actually use the Custom path that is removed/altered/borked by the DAVE installer. This command also does not do anything if SearchPolicy is already set to CSPSearchPath, or any other value - it specifically looks for "LSPSearchPath".

Of note, "Custom" is a misnomer, and refers to anything that is not Local-only, or Automatic. We have not hacked together our own search path in a non-standard, highly customized way. When dsconfigad or any other normal admin tool is used to add a Mac to Active Directory, DirectoryServices/OpenDirectory will automatically create and activate the necessary so-called "custom" search path.

In any event, this sort of system-level configuration trouncing is Bad Form, Thursby. Very Bad Form.

BTW, this also occurs on uninstallation.

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Re: DAVE 10.0.1 disables AD login

Post by jim_t » Thu Jan 31, 2013 8:56 am


I apologize for any inconvenience. We are aware of this occurring in certain environments. Our Engineering Department determined the cause of the problem, and have resolved the issue with a new build of DAVE. This build was only just recently released, but should prevent the problem from occurring in any new installs, reinstalls, or uninstalls.

You can download the most recent installer by clicking here.

Please note:
This forum is for user discussion of DAVE, and is not intended as a primary source of technical assistance.
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