Software update policy

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Software update policy

Postby hackztor » Mon Feb 03, 2014 5:06 pm

We enabled the software update policy with admitmac gpo so that it will force software update to go to our server rather than apple, but it does not seem to have any affect on our imacs. Any special thing we need to do?

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Re: Software update policy

Postby jim » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:01 pm


We don't have any other reports of anything like this, so I'd like to provide the steps for getting a ADmitMac Trace and have you send that in to us at . Here are the steps:

- Log in as a local admin
- Launch ADmitMac Tracing (/Library/Application Support/ADmitMac/).
- Check the all checkboxes except Server and Printing
- Authenticate as prompted
- Close ADmitMac Tracing, and reboot

- After restarting, log in as a local admin
- Launch the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/)
- Enter the following
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defaults read /Library/Preferences/ CatalogURL

- Take a screenshot or copy the results for the problem description.
- Launch ADmitMac Tracing
- Choose "Save..." from the "File" menu.
- You will be asked to enter a problem description. Please use this space to provide the information noted above.
- Save the file and email it to us, along with a copy of the Group Policy report for comparison

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