Issue with AdmitMac

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Issue with AdmitMac

Post by macmedic » Wed Jan 13, 2016 11:26 pm

Hi There,

We've been having an ongoing issue since Admit Mac v9 and decided to remove it some time ago. We have no reinstalled 10.01 for our client, however the network browsing speed drops significantly and we keep getting "No route to host error" particularly for clients with folders in shares mounted in their finder side bar.

Particularly when a folder has a few items/folder (10+), Admit mac seems to slow the connection speed to a grinding halt. It takes 20 seconds to bring up a directory listing for a folder with say 30 files in it.

Unfortunately we have no oversight of the AD we are connecting to as it is a government organisation. Originally AdmitMac was installed to fix issues with the inability to change passwords on a mac client, requiring the user to go to a PC to change their password and log in. We wanted to re-instate ADmitMac to resolve printing authentication and login/keychain sync issues for users, but the speed reduction caused by the software is horrible.


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Re: Issue with AdmitMac

Post by jim_t » Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:28 am


We haven't had any reports of browsing problems with so few items in a folder. If there were thousands of items, it would be understandable, but with less than a hundred, it should be pretty fast.

At this point, I would recommend sending an email to our Support Department - - with the ADmitMac Serial Number, the OS version, and the server/storage type being used. We can then determine the best way to gather the log information required to figure out what is causing the problem.


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