unc network home / office

Active Directory Integration for El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mavericks
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unc network home / office

Post by Dan_FFM » Sat Jan 14, 2017 8:49 am

I'm new here and hope someone could help me.

I'm using the trail version from admitmac and have some problems.

I was looking for a solution to get office working without success.

We are a little company an want to bind our MacBooks to our active directory server.
Also we want to store the user profile home dir only on the dc server.

So I had setup at the directory utility that only the unc path will be used.
When I login with a network account the unc path will bind to to the dc server correctly. cifs,

But when I try to open Word or Excel it works for one time, when excel crashes I can only use force quit and get an error, after this excel or word won't open again till I have removed the user folder form server and recreated this.

If we could get this working we would like to buy your product here.
Also I have read that it would better to set the the unc protocol to afp instead of smb or cifs / cause these errors.
But how I can switch to the afp protocol?

Also I have a request at the login screen on Mac, the Mac show me up a red button that the network accounts are not available but I can login..

It would be important to solve this for our company.


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Re: unc network home / office

Post by jim_t » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:50 pm


It sounds like you have bound the Mac to the domain using Apple's "Active Directory" plugin in the Directory Utility instead of ADmitMac. My first suggestion will be to unbind Apple's Active Directory, then join the Mac to the domain using the ADmitMac plugin. This may eliminate the errors you are seeing when opening documents.

Also, the "Network accounts unavailable" or "red dot" notification is something we have no control over. In the more recent versions of Apple's OS, the Login Window can actually be displayed before networking has been established. If that is the case, the Login Window might show this notification. This notifier will not be an indicator for ADmitMac, nor will it reflect ADmitMac's current ability to allow domain login.


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