dave 11 slow compared to dave 10

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dave 11 slow compared to dave 10

Postby scruffters » Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:35 am

Hi guys, I wondered if anybody else is seeing slowdowns using Dave 11?

We have 25 x licenses for Dave 10 in use on Mountain Lion, which manages around 70MB/s.

However, I'm currently running Dave 11 as a trial on one of our test machines (10.9.2) and its struggling to break 30MB/s using the Black Magic Disk Speed Test.

Any ideas?

The built 10.9.2 Apple client manages 70MB/s when the smb server is using max protocol = smb2 (samba 3.6, Debian). I'd be happy to stick with this, but Dave is required for use with my application (Avid).

As above this configuration (less the max protocol setting) yields 70MB/s in 10.8 and almost 100MB/s with a windows client.
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