Connect to shares.

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Connect to shares.

Post by Nemesys » Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:36 am

I installed and try to use admitmac.
I connected the mac to the Windows domain according to the instructions.
I mounted the two shared disk.
There are a couple of questions.
1). When I run the system and login to the domain, I should to type the full domain name of a user and password. How to make sure that after reboot had the last name of the logged in user, as it is done in windows?
2). I connected the two shared disk from windows server . When I login the system after the reboot , the AdmitMAC asks for a name and password for access to the disks , every time. That is SSO does not work? Save the password is not convenient, it often changes .

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Re: Connect to shares.

Post by michaelwolfe » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:47 am


I apologize for the delayed response, I'd be happy to assist. When logging into the Mac with domain credentials you should always use the user principal name, e.g. Unfortunately, ADmitMac and Apple's login window will not behave like the Windows environment, thus not showing the last user logged in. You will also not see a domain user in the Users & Groups preference when they are not logged in. Once you are logged into the Mac, ADmitMac will use these credentials when connecting to any resource in the domain. The only time that ADmitMac will prompt for a username and password is when these credentials did not work.

Please keep further communication in the support call you have with us.


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