mypay access

CAC access to secure web sites for Android devices using the Thursby Sub Rosa™ app and Thursby branded card readers.
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mypay access

Post by kyle_ken » Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:03 pm

been trying for awhile to access . I've tried multiple different use agents, FIPS enabled and disabled. No luck. I get past the the initial screen (i.e. picking which cert) and that seems to work, but mypay opens another window for an acceptance agreement and when i click "i agree (or something to that effect)" the page just reloads.
HTC One M8
1.12.37 versions for both pkard and browser
yes... I'm picking the right cert. ;-)

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Re: mypay access

Post by michaelwolfe » Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:02 pm


There appears to be some issues between the MyPay servers and our browsers that we have not been able to identify. We have had some users say they were able to log in after changing the user agent of the browser to Firefox for Windows, or Internet Explorer. To do this, open the PKard Browser Settings menu, tap User Agent and select one of the User Agents I mentioned. After you have changed the User Agent, exit Settings and try to login.

If you happen to know anyone at MyPay that would be willing to assist us in troubleshooting this issue please send their contact information our way.


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