PKard Mail App

CAC access to secure email with signing and encryption (S/MIME) via Exchange Active Sync (EAS)
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PKard Mail App

Post by MacCRUSHESpc » Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:45 pm

There wasn't a thread for this one (PKard Mail App) that I noticed, so here it is (sorta).
Does anyone on this forum know (preferably from experience) if the PKard Mail app works on the Air Force Exchange Outlook webmail?
I don't mind buying the app but I don't want to toss the $$ away if I can confirm the only aspect that matters. The Reader app works on the AF webmail for every thing except signed or secured. PKard Mail is supposed to cover that gap but I do not know if it uses Exchange Active Sync (EAS).
Anyone? Thanks in advance.

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Re: PKard Mail App

Post by jim_t » Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:53 am


Thanks for noticing that the PKard Mail forum was missing. I've fixed that and moved this topic to the new forum.

Regarding PKard Mail and the Air Force:

At this time, we don't have any information as to whether the Air Force uses Exchange ActiveSync for their mail servers, so we can't say whether it will work for you or not. I would have to recommend getting in touch with the Air Force Enterprise Service Desk to see if they have that information. If both Autodiscover and Exchange ActiveSync are enabled on the server side, PKard Mail setup and use should be quite easy.