Certificate issues

CAC access to secure email with signing and encryption (S/MIME) via Exchange Active Sync (EAS)

Certificate issues

Postby wyorev » Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:38 pm

I just received this notice after trying to access my NMCI OWA account:
"The page cannot be displayed
Explanation: The client certificate used to establish the SSL connection with the ISA Server computer is not from a trusted certificate authority (CA).
Try the following:
Select another certificate: Close all browser windows, open the web site again and select another SSL client certificate. If you are using a smart card, you will need to insert your smart card to select an appropriate certificate.
Technical Information (for support personnel)
Error code: 12221"
So, I followed the suggestion to select another certificate. I went to Keychain access in utility folder, searched for NMCI certs and started selecting other certs that had the go-to-go "green", then removed CAC card and relaunched Safari. Still getting the message above.
Thanks for any help!
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