Can't make it work for AF O365, ATAAPS, or DTS

CAC access to secure web sites for Android devices using the Thursby Sub Rosa™ app and Thursby branded card readers.
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Can't make it work for AF O365, ATAAPS, or DTS

Post by elmorecb » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:54 pm

Using Sub Rosa on a Google Pixel 3 via USB-C. Rub Rosa launches, reads my certificates, and then it goes downhill. I'm in the Air Force. I go to AF O365 email (, it prompts me for my certificate and loads Outlook. After a long period of time goes by, it shows my folders and lists the email in my Inbox. I select an email to open, and nothing happens. I've left it at this screen for 10 minutes and nothing ever happens. Done this multiple times with same results. For ATAAPS, I get to the first screen "Legal Notice" to acknowledge, click "OK", and it prompts for my certificate. I select the appropriate certificate, it then presents me with the window to select my organization. I select the appropriate organization, then it takes me to the second acknowledgement screen (Privacy Notice). I click the OK button, and then just sits there...forever. Tried multiple times...same results. Then I try DTS, it goes to an all-text screen that I've never seen before, where I get a bunch of the little 'broken glass" looking pictures that you get when it can't paint a graphic image, along with a statement "Loading...Processing your request", then talks about Permission Levels. It never finishes processing anything...just sits there. I try all above on my home computer with CAC reader, and all work fine. The only site I've made work is as suggested in the Android Sub Rosa guide. What I am doing wrong, or what is wrong with the software?

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Re: Can't make it work for AF O365, ATAAPS, or DTS

Post by carl » Wed May 15, 2019 1:19 pm

Office 365 is currently not supported, but we're working on an update and we expect it to be in beta within the next few weeks. We've had reports of ATAAPS and DTS problems. We expect those to be addressed in the next update as well.

If you're interested in participating in our beta, email a request to our support group (

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